Train accident

Raghunathpur, India – In a tragic turn of events, a train accident in Raghunathpur village has claimed four lives and left at least 30 individuals injured. The incident, which took place on Wednesday night, has sent shockwaves through the local community as villagers rallied to provide crucial support and assistance to the victims.

Villagers Respond to the Train Accident

Late into the night, Ramgobind (42) and Shyam Lal (48) were attending to their fields near Raghunathpur village, tending to their crops. Suddenly, at 9.50pm, a loud bang pierced the stillness, and sparks illuminated the sky. Initially mistaking it for a lightning strike, their fears heightened as the sparks continued without any sign of rain. Rushing towards the source of the commotion, they were confronted with a horrifying scene: a mangled train.

Amidst the chaos, the villagers could hear desperate screams, and it became clear that a disaster had unfolded. The train had derailed, electric wires had snapped, and sparks were visible even from a distance. With a sense of urgency, they called upon the Gram Raksha Dal, a local volunteer organization that swiftly arrived at the scene with whatever resources they could muster.

Ramgobind recounted the harrowing scene, stating, “All we could hear was screams, and virtually the entire train had toppled. The electric wires had snapped, and there were so many sparks that they were visible from a distance. We could not understand what to do, so we called the Gram Raksha Dal.”

More villagers from the nearby areas soon joined the effort, bringing water, ladders, ropes, and torches. “The government rescue teams came after an hour-and-a-half. The darkness made everything difficult. We tried to help people crawl out of the bogies, some of which had completely tilted. There were children inside, and everyone was confused and in a daze,” said by Shyam Lal.

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Community Response of Train Accident

Dhiraj Kumar, the headmaster of an updated secondary school in Raghunathpur, depicted the aggregate reaction, “Villagers from Kaithi, Rajpur, Baswar, and Pokhraha all reached the spot, carried injured passengers on their bikes, and rushed to a nearby community health center.” The local police, district magistrate, and superintendent of police arrived within an hour of the accident that occurred at 9:51pm.

Inside the derailed train, passengers recounted the terrifying moments when the accident occurred. Kartik Yadav from Satna, Madhya Pradesh, said, “There were jerks in the train for 10 to 15 minutes before the train stopped. They were solid to such an extent that many tumbled from their berths. When it stopped, it became clear that there was an accident. Many were trapped under luggage; the lights went off. It was dark and scary.”

Another passenger added, “Everything inside the bogies – slippers, toys, edible items, cold drinks – were all thrown around. When the train jerked and wobbled, there was panic, and people tried to rush out. We were afraid of what would happen next, like a fire.”

Train accident

Recovery and Repairs Underway

Railway authorities have swiftly initiated recovery and repair operations. They are using rail cranes, road cranes, earthmovers, and Poklane machines to remove the derailed coaches by cutting them using gas cutters. Despite these efforts, train operations in the area remain at a standstill, with the up main line being a priority for restoration due to sustaining less damage. The down main line has been damaged for about a kilometer and is expected to take a few more days for operations to resume.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the Railways have incurred losses exceeding Rs 52 crore due to this accident, not accounting for the Commerce Department’s losses due to train diversions and cancellations.

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Details of the Incident

At the time of the train accident, the train was traveling at its maximum permissible speed of 126 kilometers per hour on this railway section. An initial report from railway personnel involved in the incident revealed that the train had received a through signal to proceed through the main line. After the accident, all 23 coaches of the train derailed, with some turning 90 degrees and others 180 degrees.

Support for the Affected

Buxar District Magistrate Anshul Aggarwal confirmed the tragic outcome, reporting that four passengers lost their lives, while 78 were injured in the incident. Fortunately, most injuries were not severe. The injured have received assistance of Rs 50,000 each from the Railways, and the Bihar government has pledged to provide further aid. The families of the deceased passengers have been given Rs 10 lakh by the Railways and an additional Rs 4 lakh by the Bihar government.

This catastrophic event has garnered support from multiple divisions and districts, with technical teams, Railway Protection Force personnel, and various rescue organizations joining hands to assist in the relief efforts.

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1. What caused the train accident in Raghunathpur?

The exact cause of the train accident is under investigation, but initial reports mention a loud bang and sparks, which villagers initially mistook for lightning. Further inquiry will depictthe exact reason.

2. How long will it take to restore train operations in the affected area?

Restoring train operations is expected to take several days. The up main line is the priority and should be operational within the next day, but the down main line might take a few more days to be fully restored.

3. What kind of support is being provided to the victims and their families?

The Railways is providing Rs 50,000 in assistance to each of the injured passengers, and the Bihar government has pledged additional support. Families of the deceased are receiving financial assistance as well.

4. Were there any signs of trouble before the accident?

Passengers reported feeling strong jerks in the train before it came to a halt. This alerted some passengers to the impending accident, but the exact cause is still under investigation.

5. What actions were taken by the local community to help during the emergency?

Neighborhood residents went about as the people on call, giving significant help with the type of water, stepping stools, ropes, lights, and backing for harmed travelers. Their speedy reaction assumed an essential part in saving lives

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