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The quiet city of Lewiston, Maine, was rocked by a horrific mass shooting incident on Wednesday night in an unexpected turn of events. The two separate shootings at a restaurant and a bowling alley have resulted in at least 22 confirmed deaths and numerous injuries. Robert Card, 40, of Bowdoin, is being sought by law authorities because he is thought to be armed and dangerous.

Details Emerge of the Horrifying Incident at Lewiston, Maine

Around 7 p.m. ET, there were reports of active gunshot occurrences at Schemengees Bar & Grille Restaurant and a nearby bowling alley called Sparetime Recreation. In a hurry, law enforcement organizations advised locals to stay inside their houses and businesses to lock down, fearing for their lives.

Intensive Manhunt Underway for Armed Suspect

A person of interest has been identified as Robert Card, a US Army Reserve member and trained firearms instructor. An extensive manhunt is currently underway for Card, who had recently threatened to carry out a shooting at a National Guard installation and has disclosed mental health difficulties. The public has been advised by law enforcement to exercise caution and report any suspicious activities.

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Community Response and Authorities’ Actions

The incident has had a significant impact on Lewiston as well as the nearby towns. As the town deals with the aftermath of the incident, shelter-in-place orders are in place and schools, municipal facilities, and non-essential services are shuttered. In order to provide the injured the care they require, Maine Medical Center has been working with other hospitals in response to the mass casualty incident.

Political Response and Federal Support

The scenario has been reported to Governor Janet Mills and other government representatives. President Biden has pledged full federal support, expressing his deep worry over the event. Local authorities are receiving support from federal law enforcement agencies while the Justice Department keeps a close eye on the situation.

Impact on the Community and Future Steps

The community is in shock and grieving as a result of the catastrophe. Law police and municipal officials are putting forth great effort to support the impacted families. Support services and vigils are being planned to aid the community in healing from the tragedy.

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Community Solidarity and Support Pours In

The people of Lewiston have shown incredible fortitude and solidarity in the face of this tragic event. Locals are organizing memorial services and vigils to provide a space for people to grieve, share their suffering, and find comfort in one another. On social media, the hashtag #LewistonStrong has been popular as people from all around the nation offer their condolences and show support for the victims and their families.

Law Enforcement Agencies Collaborate in Intensive Manhunt

Government specialists, state officers, and nearby police are among the policing cooperating to direct a careful manhunt for Robert Card. A coordinated endeavor to find and immediately catch the guilty party is under progress, using the information on different specialists. The general population is approached to keep up with their watchfulness and present any data that could assist with the chase.

Impact on Local Businesses and Schools

Businesses in the area and surrounding schools have been significantly impacted by the tragedy. Residents’ lives are impacted by the closure of numerous businesses, particularly those close to the incident. As the crisis develops, schools have also been affected; classes have been postponed, and staff and children are being asked to stay at home. A concerted effort is being made to guarantee that students’ education continues and to support the impacted businesses.

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Calls for Stricter Gun Control Measures

More calls for tougher gun control laws have been made in the wake of this horrifying occurrence. Officials are being moved by promotion associations, nearby specialists, and concerned people to act quickly to deflect comparable misfortunes later on. Conversations at a few legislative levels have been started by the event, which has resuscitated the public discussion about firearm savagery and weapon control regulations.

Counseling and Mental Health Support for the Community

Taking into account the incident’s significant psychological effects, local authorities are allocating resources to offer the community mental health care and counseling. There are now crisis hotlines in place, and mental health specialists are providing their services to individuals in need. It is an essential stage in assisting people in healing from the trauma and navigating the recovery process.

A Call for Unity and Healing

The city is calling for resilience, healing, and solidarity as it laments the loss of innocent lives. To assist the families of the victims and promote communal healing, local authorities, religious institutions, and residents are working together. Prayer meetings, memorial events, and candlelight vigils are being planned in an effort to honor the victims of violence and show solidarity with one another.


Even with this unfathomable misfortune, individuals of Lewiston have shown unimaginable strength, sympathy, and fortitude. The people group is unfaltering in its assurance to help each other, recuperate the injuries, and arise more grounded. As the serious manhunt for the suspect proceeds, the country watches, sending contemplations and petitions to Lewiston, and expecting quick equity for the people in question and their families. In this season of distress, the city stands joined together, demonstrating that even in the haziest of times, the human soul can sparkle brilliantly, enlightening the way toward recuperating and recuperation.


Q1: What happened during the shootings in Lewiston?

A1: Two separate shooting incidents occurred at a bowling alley and a restaurant in Lewiston, Maine, resulting in at least 22 deaths and numerous injuries.

Q2: Who is the person of interest in the shootings?

A2: The person of interest is Robert Card, a 40-year-old resident of Bowdoin, Maine, who is considered armed and dangerous. Card is a confirmed guns teacher and an individual from the US Army Reserve.

Q3: What actions have the authorities taken in response to the shootings?

A3: Law enforcement agencies have initiated an intensive manhunt for Robert Card. Shelter-in-place orders are in effect, and residents are urged to stay indoors. Schools, municipal buildings, and non-essential services have been temporarily closed.

Q4: How is the community coping with the tragedy?

A4: The community is in shock and mourning. Support services, vigils, and counseling are being provided to help community members cope with the trauma. The city officials and law enforcement agencies are offering assistance to the affected families.

Q5: Is there federal support for the situation in Lewiston?

A5: Yes, President Biden has offered full federal support, and the Justice Department is closely monitoring the situation. Government policing are helping nearby experts in their endeavors to determine what is happening and offer help to the local area.

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